Transparent Food: Study No. 1, April 30 & May 1, 2004

Waitsfield Flatbread Kitchen- Friday and Saturday April 30, May 1, 2004
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Transparent Food: Study No. 1

Some time ago I remembered listening to the radio and the commentator was speaking, in a critical way, about the Japanese economy, and he said that one of the fundamental difficulties was that the Japanese banking system was insufficiently transparent – that is, the system was not open in a way that an investor could fairly and accurately evaluate the relative financial worth or strength of a specific business. The commentator compared the Japanese system w/ the far more open- or transparent- US System and noted that the US economy consistantly recovers from financial slumps or recessions because the worlds financial community gains trust from our relatively transparent accounting and reporting procedures.

I think our food supply would benefit from increased transparency. Today, because of laws that seem to have been written with manufacturers, corporate farms and big producers in mind instead of the general citizenry, the way our food is grown on corporate farms to how it is processed- to the degradation of our soil, water and air; to the residues of pesticides that persist even after washing and cooking; to irradiation, genetically modified seeds, growth hormones, and a host of other changes ( from foods origins), consumers are largely unaware of all of these things- they are unaware because there is no requirement to share food’s history. If we as consumers were faced with our food supply’s true history, it strikes me that our purchasing choices might change. Why should we not know? To be continued.

We are happy to bake in benefit tonight for the health center.

Love, George

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