Toward a New Legal Framework for Vermont Food: Part I, February 6 & 7, 2009

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Friday and Saturday February 6 +7, 2009

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


From Pig to Pork

Toward a New Legal Framework for Vermont Food

Part I


Two Pigs.

Maybe it was the times, maybe it was the money, or maybe it was just

about getting up out of the chair and acting on my thoughts. For whatever the true reason this past year I got back into the pig raising business, which was a work I had not done for 15 years.

            Without much effort, I converted a chicken coop into a pig shed. With much more effort, my son Willis and I cobbled together a maple sapling fence that enclosed a good-sized pen on well-drained ground.

            When all this was ready I bought two young pigs from my neighbor, Hadley Gaylord and a bag of organic grain from Kenyon’s Farm Store. Straw in the shed and a bucket of fresh well water completed the scene.

            I remember the first day I bright the pigs to their new home. Little pigs are easily made nervous by changes in their environment, so I sat with them for a long while. The pigs grunted softly. I grunted softly back. After a bit of cowering in the corner they began to explore the inside of the shed. I sat and watched and spoke reassuringly. It wasn’t long before they were coming up to me, sniffing my boots and pant legs. I scratched their heads and ears and smiled at their inherent good nature, and at my own time well spent.


                                                                                                To be continued…

            Thank you for coming tonight.



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