Today, October 17 and 18, 2003

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen

Friday and Saturday October 17 and 18, 2003

This week’s baking and menu are dedicated to:

Today I got up after a good sleep, in time to help my son Willis get
off to school. I ate two cookies that my daughter Hanna had made.
I also ate a bowl of cereal, a banana and I drank a cup of orange juice.

I watched the TV sports news channel to learn the outcome of the Yankee/
Red Sox 7th game(the Yankees won in extra innings) and also the weather
news which I find helpful in planning outside work.

Around 8:45 I drove over to the East Warren Store (which sells
fantastic local foods) and met up with Johnny and Andrea. The three
of us got in my truck and drove over Roxbury Mt. to the alder
swamp about a mile north of Roxbury Village. I spoke w/ Mark in his
machine shop (Mark owns the swamp) and then Johnny, Andrea and I
went to cutting thin alders for a new Flatbread oven in California.
It took us till 12:30 to get them all cut, trimmed, measured and
tied. We said thanks and good-bye to Mark and headed north and
west over Moretown Mt. We crossed a remote plateau that I had
never seen before. It was beautiful.

We stopped at Johnny’s farm in Moretown to get some
old feed bags and baler twine which we thought would be
helpful in wrapping the alder bundles (we shipped them off to
California via UPS – is this the first time alders have ever been
shipped to California from Roxbury VT?)

When I got back to Lareau Farm the photographer (Jon Fox)
from Vermont Life Magazine was here, so from a wood cutter
in the alder bush I went to being a model. What a life!

But a good day, and one made better because you have come



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