This Week, January 21 & 22, 2005

American Flatbread + Flatbread Kitchen
Friday and Saturday, January 21st and 22nd, 2005

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


This week Evan Marley arrived. He is a pizza
maker from Nantucket who has come
to learn what he can, though I think he knows
well enough already. It’s wonderful to
see someone care so much about his craft.

This week I negotiated with our Landlord in Middlebury.
She is kind and gracious. I tried to be the same.

This week I painted banners with my friend Jan.
It is a collaborative art we made, and the
better for it.
And I talked with Mark, our art project engineer,
and with Camilla and Jen and Megan.

I walked through the bakery and said things
that I hoped would make people smile,
and maybe even laugh. And they did both of these.

I spoke with Charles, an organic dairy farmer
in Middlebury. Maybe some day we will be
able to offer VT organic mozzarella on these
breads. Good cheese starts with good dairy
herd husbandry.

This week I traveled to Burlington and spoke
at length with Rob and Paul and Marcy and Tracy about…
about all things Flatbread. And it was good.

This week I bought three acres of threatened land.
It’ll be a park in the memory of my parents.

Thanks for coming. Love, George.

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