The Vermont Fresh Network, June 11 & 12, 2004

Friday and Saturday June 11 & 12, 2004
Tonight’s Menu and Baking are Dedicated to

The Vermont Fresh Network

Oh what a beautiful June we have had. This land is amazing.

Hay Farmers are cutting their first hay. The forecast calls for perfect haying weather this weekend– dry and sunny but not too hot. Haying in 90 degree plus heat has got to be one of the most uncomfortable situations going.

Vegetable Farmers are harvesting greens galore – salad and mesclun and spinach. The early crops are in! Radishes, and the first Strawberries of the season. Strawberry season is one of my favorites. You can see more promise in fields as well, as peas climb higher and potatoes and tomatoes put out more leaves.

The Dairy Farms are joyful too, as cows eat fresh grass, which their stomachs ( all four of them!) enjoy more than corn. Our milk tastes better and even has some chlorophyll from the grass. The turkey and chicken farmers are letting their birds graze out the days in outdoor pens. Birds that enjoy the sunshine, fresh greens and bugs, always yield delicious flavor.

The Farms of Vermont are among the loveliest, and they are beginning to disappear. Farms only exist when farmers can make a living off the land. With the help of the Vermont Fresh Network, more Vermont Restaurants are serving Vermont grown food, achieving the goal of preserving the farmland while feeding us the best food there is. Tonight we will donate $4 for every Flatbread sold to the Vermont Fresh Network to help sustain Vermont’s Farms.

Thank you for coming!

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