The American Flatbread Project

Last week at this time we were busily preparing for American Flatbread’s Twentieth Anniversary Party which was held on Saturday June 4th here at Lareau Farm. It came together beautifully thanks to hundreds of volunteers
and the beautiful weather
and the great music
and the great fireworks
but mostly because of the dream of one man –
George Schenk.

American Flatbread began as a backyard experiment at a dinner party, and has evolved into a franchising organization with over 100 employees, feeding thousands of people every day with thoughtfully baked bread made with locally and organically grown foods. George’s dream is 20 years old, and is growing healthier by the day, because more and more people are sharing the dream.

The dream that began in the backyard was hand preparing thoughtful food that was enjoyable to the palate and nourishing to the body. Made with herbs from the garden; cheeses from a local dairy; with organic wheat and good pure water, this bread was cooked on local stone with locally grown hardwood fire for fuel. This food was enjoyable to make and enjoyable to watch being made, good to eat and good for the body. All five of the senses were pleased with this food.

This is still the dream, and while it sounds simple, it is not easy. But it is good work with a good result, and we are grateful to George for sharing it with us.

Thank you all for coming tonight, and for supporting and sharing in the dream.

Love, Jen

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