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Rose and Sparkling…




By the Glass…

                                                                   80% pinot noir 20% gamay – this delightfully light yet complex and aromatic wine comes from a three generation family estate.  medium-to-full bodied offering spice, cherries and a tangy finish.

                60% grenache 20% syrah 10% cabernet sauvignon 10% merlot – old vines and soil diversity equals terroir and complexity. smooth on the palate; taste cherries, woodsmoke and a lovely tannic energy.


60% negroamara 30% primitive 10%malvasia nera-this lively fresh wine tastes of hedgerow fruit and all spice!  named for an anarchist commune growing native varietals and espousing tradition.


80% nero d’avola 20% frappato – dark ruby in color, this is a full bodied wine with notes of black fruit, black cherry and strawberries.


100% malbec – unapologetically delicious!  complex and fresh aroma, vibrant palate with brisk, fine tannins and a citric, dry finish.



By the Bottle…








A rotating menu of light, medium and dark microbrews



Lagunitas IPA
Switchback (22 oz)
Sam Adams Light
Guinness Draught (14.9 oz can)
Wolaver’s Brown Ale (organic)
Maine Beer Co. Peeper Pale Ale (16.9 oz)
Celia Gluten Free Saison
Clausthauler Non-alcoholic
Woodchuck Hard Cider
Citizen Cider (22 oz)
(locally brewed with 100% Middlebury apples)


Poland Springs Sparkling Water
GuS’s Pomegranite Soda
GuS’s Grapefruit Soda
Boylan’s Cane Cola
Boylan’s Cream Soda
Vermont Apple Cider
Natural Lemonade
Natural Cran-Raspberry Juice

Rookie’s All Natural Draught Root Beer

Made in Burlington, VT from pure, filtered VT water and 100% cane sugar. A classic blend of the finest sassafras, licorice. wintergreen and molasses.

Rookies All Natural Draught Ginger Beer