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Now Open For Outdoor Dining AND Curbside Pickup!

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We start taking phone calls at 2:00 pm for a first pick up time of 4:15. We are working hard to ensure a safe and thorough approach to making and serving our community food. When arriving at the restaurant please:

- Call and your order will be brought to the pickup table by the front door.
- Wear masks at pick up
- Maintain proper social distancing of 6 feet as suggested by the CDC.
- Have patience with us while we figure out these new systems with fewer hands!

Our Staff is taking every precaution to keep you safe, please extend the same courtesy to them.  We are also trying to minimize our impact on the environment as best we can under these circumstances. Here’s how you can help us do both:

-Reservations are required for all parties and you can make them right here!


-All guests over ages 3 and above MUST wear a mask when not seated at the table.

-Members of only 2 households and 10 total people may be seated at the same table.

-A Sanitation Station will be set up outside.  Please take used glasses and silverware and place them in the proper receptacle.

-Please be aware of where your kids are at all times and explain to them that they must observe social distancing measures while in the company of anyone not within your party.  We also request that noise be kept to a minimum, as our guests do not currently have the option to be seated inside away from any kids at play.  There are plenty of places to be on the outskirts of our table set up in the courtyard.  If you are unsure of where this space is, please ask your server.

We will be doing our very best to create a space that is welcoming, fun, and relaxing in this new world we are living in.  We feel a responsibility to you, our staff and the greater community to be as safe as we possibly can be within the guidelines with which we have been provided by the state, and through observation of our country and the world at large.  We have missed you so much, and can’t wait to serve and bake for you again!

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If you have any questions regarding events or benefit bakes, please email our events coordinator Chloe Ferrone at chloe@americanflatbread.com.

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About Marble Works



The Marble Works once processed marble and other rock from Brandon, Vermont. Many historic buildings in the area, such as St. Mary’s Church which was completed in 1903, were built incorporating this local marble and are still standing. In fact, the Marble Works themselves were erected with  scrap marble accumulated during the processing! Today, the Marble Works hosts many Vermont-owned businesses and is a hub of activity in downtown Middlebury.