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  1. Jim Says:

    Hi folks,

    Any chance you could update your online beer menu (in Burlington) more frequently? I like checking to see what’s on tap and coming in if anything new and exciting is available.


  2. Franchise Says:


    Funny you mention it, that has been on our check list! I just trained and set up the access for the Burlington crew to be able to update the beer page more frequently so you should start seeing frequent updates with the new beers and flatbread specials. Sorry that this has been somewhat disjointed in the past months we are getting settled into the new website.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Sue Schermerhorn Says:

    I really wanted to bring our group of 6 to try your place for dinner – but now I understand you don’t take reservations. Shoot – how disappointing! I’ll have to find another place to try.

  4. Ron Granich Says:

    This past Saturday my wife and I and our new baby were finally able to taste your pizzas after trying two times previously. We are from Montreal and I visit Vermont about 12 times annually We were so overwhelmed how tasty they were- We sat in front of the oven and enjoyed the warmth in one of the worst summers on record. The pizza’s are just so much better than anything available in Montreal including wood fired oven in Montreal; you should be opening a franchise, in Montreal; you would kill the competition – My wife and I eat out in Montreal regularly and the city is jammed with all kinds of restaurants we tend to stay away from family type restaurants even though we have a youngster (1 year old) The food generally is mediocre. However we were still in for a surprise – we rarely order dessert and I have a passion for apple pie and ice cream and frankly your apple pie would kill the competition . So that’s why I’m writing it’s not likely that I will build a wood fired oven in my living room and try to compete with you but occasionally when I feel like some apple pie without driving to Burlington and ( it would be hard to explain to the customs agent that I’m driving to Burlington for a slice of pie- so I’m asking you to part with your recipe and in payment you may reprint this email

    Ron Granich

  5. Craig Says:

    just got back from two days in Burlington. Flat Bread is by far the best beers in town. I also believe the bar tenders are the most knowledgable in town. Chad was especially helpful and was a pleasure to talk to. I cannot wait for my next trip to Burlington to visit flat bread again.

  6. admin Says:

    This is great to hear! Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed yourself!

  7. David C. Says:

    Love American Flatbread! It sure would be great if there were more non-pork meat alternatives on the regular menu for us non-pork eaters. The lamb meat special flatbreads are awesome, but not always available. But BBQ chicken, duck, beef, turkey would be amazing to have available as choices.

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks David C. That’s a great point, thanks. We try to offer a little variety with the special flatbread options each night, but I think you’re right that a non-pork flavor on our regular menu would be pretty popular and fill a void. Your feedback is noted! Were you thinking of a certain in particular?

  9. Pierre Says:

    We were looking for a restaurant my wife and I,before going back to Montréal on a Sunday afternoon. We pass in front the restaurant first and we re-pass and stop at 4.45h we wen trough and some one told us that the rest. open at 5.h.
    We wait and look every were and we like the place.We gave our name and 20 minutes later we were sit.We been serve by a lovely girl she explain the menu (first time we been there)
    We have e great super (pizza) a good beer house
    and a glass of zinfandel(I like to know the name of that wine)A lovely place we will be back soon.
    Thank and see you lather.


  10. David Says:

    Can I order a pizza for takeout at the Burlington restaurant?

  11. Clay Says:

    Yes, you can order takeout from Burlington Hearth, the availability is largely based on our oven capacity. When we are extremely busy with our seated guests we may limit the amount of takeout orders. It is best to call the restaurant and ask if they can handle your takeout order. (802) 861-2999

  12. Dave DiElsi Says:

    How do I go about getting an organization designated as the beneficiary of one of the Burlington Hearth’s Benefit Bakes? Is there an application? Do I need to talk to someone specifically? When is a good time to call? Please let me know via the e-mail address I provided. Thanks for whatever information you can give me, and thanks for all the good food and work you do in the community!

  13. Sarah Says:

    A vegan flatbread would be really great, and I think it would go over pretty big in this town. I know it’s a tricky concept – fake cheese is questionable, for sure…but I’m sure you could come up with something! It would be great if you could publish (on your website or in-house) whether there are animal products in your flatbread crust, so that veg*ns could rest easy/order accordingly.

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks Sarah, we can accommodate vegans in our restaurant any time. We don’t use fake cheese, but would create a topping combination sans cheese. Our crust contains flour, water, salt, and yeast, and is vegan. Thanks for your interest! Megan

  15. Bruce I Bartlett Says:

    Looking to see if interested in hops next summer?
    What type of beer did you make?
    Happy Brewing

  16. Jason Says:

    My wife and I used to live in Burlington and frequented Flatbread from time to time. Came back for a visit this past weekend and were pleased to find that it’s better than ever. We arrived Saturday for lunch, and even though it was busy we were seated quickly and the service was excellent. We ordered a pie with half roasted tomato salsa (our favorite from back in the day) and half a “meat special” which had capicola, spinach, a sort of cream tomato sauce, and other things. That special was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The IPA and Witte were also outstanding. It was so good, in fact, that we came back for brunch Sunday morning with some friends. It was unanimously agreed that you guys make the best Bloody Marys EVER. We got the meat special again, as well as Vermont Sausage and a scrambled egg/chorizo pie. I would go back for brunch over any of the usual Burlington brunch spots. Our server was also excellent; efficient and friendly. Can’t remember her name, unfortunately. At any rate, thank you for helping to make our weekend visit an excellent time!

  17. Lyndsay Says:

    Hi, Everyone. I am a Flatbread super-fan; I absolutely love the “Dancing Heart Bread.” My mouth is watering just to think about it. I always have a great time when I come in. The catch? Getting in can be tough and can take quite a long time. Is it likely that you will consider taking reservations or allowing for call-ahead in Burlington? I’m crossing my fingers…

  18. Clay Says:


    Thanks for your kind words and your question about taking reservations. We have struggled with people wanting us to take reservations for a long time. One of the reasons we don’t take reservations is the interest in being open to walk-in guests and not locking up our tables for the entire night. Since we would like to continue to encourage walk-in guests, we don’t have plans to take reservations anytime soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  19. Jaime Says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having gluten free crust available for your pizza’s. I’ve been unable to eat pizza’s forever (especially ones that taste amazing) and now I eat at Flatbread at least once a week. It’s addicting, and amazing.

    Thanks for accommodating – I tell everyone I can about it.

  20. Clay Says:

    Jamie- You’re Welcome. We know we can’t be all things to all people, and we have wanted to make a gluten free crust for a long time but were concerned about making gluten-free crusts in a flour filled environment – (for people living with extreme Celiac this could be very damaging to their health). We feel like using the frozen gluten shells allows us to provide all the delicous American Flatbread toppings made in our wood-fired oven.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  21. myriam Says:

    with all your quality ingredients that are used; i have concern with one main issue it it has to do with the oven (forno) and the zoot or burnt sediments that attaches to the flatbread and makes all those natural and quality ingredients taste ashy and nasty for lack of a better word. my suggestion is to periodically clean / brush the “forno”. this not only will contribute to a more appealing meal but of more importance palpable as well. i have heard the same comments from more than one person which is why i have taken the initative to say something for prior to posting this comment i had decided i was not going to return that’s after 3 previous visits of getting the same results with the taste of the flatbread being unpleasant.

  22. Clay Says:

    myriam – Thanks for that feedback, we do sweep our oven hearth periodically throughout the night to remove the ash and cornmeal that builds up. We will mention to our bakers to sweep the hearth more frequently. I am sorry to hear you had a negative experience from an “ashy” tasting flatbread. We do 100% guarantee our product so please share this experience with the manager if this happens again so we can catch the problem while you are dining with us.

  23. Mo Says:

    Had a great lunch today, but maybe it’s time for a vegan soy cheese flatbread? Today, many folks are strictly vegan. Still others have allergies to dairy and animal proteins. After all, we are what we eat, aren’t we? One thing’s for sure, we all love flatbread!

  24. admin Says:

    Hey Mo,

    Thanks for the post! We hear you–there are a lot of vegans out there. Do you have a soy cheese you like? We haven’t yet found one that we’re satisfied with. megan

  25. bridget Says:

    I love coming to Flatbread — great space, great beer, great food, and terrific service. And until just recently, an amazing gluten-free crust option. The new, more local crust you’re using just doesn’t cut the mustard (or is that, “slice the tomato?”) While I admire very much the local-product focus, in this case you’d make some of us very happy by going a bit farther afield to get the tastier item. Please bring back the original gluten free crust!

  26. Kate Says:

    I have been a big fan of Flatbread for years, and just was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I was told that you now offer gluten-free crust, but I don’t see it on the menu. Was that just a rumor? If so, have you thought of making gluten/wheat free flatbread?

  27. admin Says:

    We do have a gluten-free crust, Kate! just touch base with your server, next time you join us for lunch or dinner. Thanks for your question! Megan

  28. mike ryan Says:

    I had a great experience there on 7-16 before the Brewers Fest, awesome pie and excellent beer, I love your IPA and Saison. I’d be a regular there but live in Texas now. Keep up the great work, service was good too.

  29. Rustic Says:

    Aw, thank you so much, Mike! Don’t be a stranger!

  30. Monica Says:

    We have enjoyed the flatbread restaurants in North Conway and Portland, which we understand are not part of the same company as yours, but were pleased nevertheless to discover your restaurant last month when we were college visiting in Burlington. A pizza restaurant that offers a gluten-free crust is always a plus for us as our teenage daughter is on a GF diet for medical reasons. Since her reaction to your crust was that it was just “OK,” I wanted to recommend you consider one made by a Brattleboro company, Against the Grain (www.againstthegraingourmet.com). A local pizza shop in Hadley MA – Hillside Pizza – introduced us to their crust, and we have been able to purchase it frozen at Whole Foods as well. As I understand, you are currently using a frozen GF crust. As a family that has tried numerous GF crusts I can say that this one does not sacrifice taste or texture over wheat crusts and is superior to the many GF crusts we have tried. We think your GF customers will be wowed if you offer this product.

  31. admin Says:

    Great, thanks for the feedback! Megan

  32. John Says:

    I visited Burlington for my first time last week and stopped in American Flatbread to try a few Zero Gravity brews. I tried the TLA IPA and instantly fell in love! Seriously- I think I’m planning my next trip up from NYC just for this beer! That being said, any plans on bring the brew south? Please?? :) Keep up the great brewin’!

  33. Alicia Says:

    We only have had a few days to enjoy Burlington and before leaving in the morning we hoped to catch a great dinner. That we did! American Flatbread served up an amazing Revolution flatbread and the dessert menu is simple but to die for. The atmosphere is great and the staff is incredibly friendly. The best pizza I’ve ever had! American Flatbread was recommended to us by a friend and we will be sure to recommend it to others. Thanks for letting us stop by!!

  34. Liz Says:

    Is there an option to bring home a pizza that isn’t cooked? I live in MA and my friend is going to your Burlington, VT location this weekend for lunch and I would like for her to bring me back a couple pizzas uncooked. I know you sell them in some frozen food sections of our local grocery stores but they are pretty pricey and I would like to try a flavor that isnt at the store.

  35. Flatbread Says:

    Elizabeth – from time to time (depending on how busy we are) we can bake off what we call par-bakes (partially baked) that can be frozen and re-heated in your oven. Have your friend ask their server or the host if they can do it for you.

  36. Keri Says:

    We love your pizza but someone in my family is not able to have dairy. Is there any way to get a pizza made with no cheese and extra toppings instead?

  37. Flatbread Says:

    Yes! Absolutely – we have the Free Form Flatbread which can be anything you want it to be. Just ask your server and you can not have cheese and add other toppings.

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