American Flatbread restaurants feature local, regional, and organic ingredients raised and harvested by farmers we personally know.  Like our very first Flatbread restaurant at Lareau Farm, American Flatbread restaurants work to establish a sustainable, community-based, farm-to-plate network.

Our emphasis is on quality and integrity.  By focusing on a simple menu, we have the ability to perfect the artisanal process to create the best pizza imaginable. We have created an experience that has a broad appeal to families, traditional pizza lovers, and critical epicureans at an affordable price.Our menu features an array of signature flatbreads, our popular evolution salad  which uses seasonal greens, and an array of homemade desserts. The weekly specials created by the Chef de Cuisine, showcase each season’s harvest. Each American Flatbread Restaurant offers flatbread unique to its region, accentuating the specialties or “terrior” of local farmers, cheesemakers, and other food producers. We strive to use as much food from the local region as we can because we believe it tastes better, is better for us, supports local community, and minimizes environmental impacts.

Central to every American Flatbread bakery is our earthen oven and team of artisan bakers working to feed people good food.

Flatbread is easy to share with your friends. The bread is sliced in a unique way so there are large and small pieces that can be shared by a family or group of friends.

This is the community’s hearth; we celebrate a time-honored tradition of bringing people together through nourishment, warmth, and a common experience.

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Benefit Bakes

We regularly host what we call Benefit Bakes. These are evenings in Flatbread Kitchen, devoted to raising funds as well as awareness about issues and individuals we feel deserve attention.  This is one of the ways American Flatbread supports our community.