Press Releases

August 31, 2011
American Flatbread to Re-Open This Weekend

Lareau Farm suffered extensive damages from Hurricane Irene.  With the tremendous help of volunteers, GMVS students, employees and local contractors who slugged through the mud this week to salvage the restaurant, Inn, and farm, we plan to be re-open Friday, September 2nd.  The restaurant will be open our regular business hours this weekend.

Many have asked how they can help.  You can support American Flatbread by purchasing a frozen Flatbread from your local grocer – or dine with us this weekend in Waitsfield.
Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to all those who have helped Flatbread this past week and continue to offer love and support to our family.  As George said in a tearful speech this past Monday, “It would not be possible for us to reopen without the help of the community.  This kind of outpouring of love and support is an example of community in practice and action.”

July 26, 2010
American Flatbread to Host Pizza Picnics at
Vermont Corrections Facilities

This summer the Vermont Department of Corrections will host American Flatbread sponsored pizza picnics at two correctional facilities.  The first picnic will be at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington on July 29th and the second will be at the Northwest Correctional Facility for Women in St. Albans on August 12th.

“The idea to bring Flatbread into prisons” said American Flatbread Founder, George Schenk, “first occurred to me more than ten years ago while listening to a sermon at my sister’s church, which explored the theological imperative for charity even for those who dwell behind locked doors.  Although they are a population who has a debt to society, they remain human beings, and as such, are deserving of a share of our kindness.  Indeed, it is the kindness shown to the least empowered of us that reflect society’s deepest values.”

This community outreach by American Flatbread is also to support the V.D.C., which does a great deal of good work under difficult conditions and with a challenging budget.  “We are grateful for the warm and enthusiastic response to our pizza picnic proposal by the Vermont Department of Corrections” Schenk said.

For more information please contact American Flatbread Founder George Schenk
at 802-496-8856 or

February 9, 2010


January 18, 2010

American Flatbread restaurants will host Benefit Bakes for Haitian earthquake survivors.  During Benefit Bakes, American Flatbread raises monies through restaurant sales, then donates a portion of these funds to a determined organization in need.

The Haiti Benefit Bake program for Vermont-based American Flatbread Restaurants is:

American Flatbread in Middlebury, VT
Tuesday, January 19 through Saturday, January 23
$2 per flatbread sold to Partners in Health

American Flatbread in Burlington, VT
Wednesday, January 20 through Wednesday, January 27
4% all sales to Partners in Health

American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT
Friday, January 22
$3 per flatbread sold to Partners in Health

American Flatbread in Clarendon, VA
January 24 through January 31,
$2 per flatbread sold going to The Soleil Group in affiliation with The Global Syndicate.

American Flatbread in Ashburn, VA
January 24 through January 31,
$2 per flatbread sold going to The Soleil Group in affiliation with The Global Syndicate.

For more information, contact Megan Duni, American Flatbread Marketing Programs Manager, at (p) 802-496-8856 or (e) or visit

December 8, 2009

Supporting a Viable Alternative for Afghan Poppy Farmers

Throughout the month of December, all American Flatbread restaurants, including three Vermont locations, are partnering with Mellow Yellow Spice Co. to offer flatbread specials incorporating imported Afghan saffron. They will also offer this premium Afghan saffron for retail sale to guests and include recipe suggestions with the purchase.

The effort aims to educate American Flatbread guests to the problematic opium/heroin trade coming out of Afghanistan as well as provide support for a real alternative to growing poppies. Growing saffron crocuses provides a viable alternative to poppy farmers as its cultivation requires less land, less water, less labor, and earns greater income than that of poppies. Further, saffron cultivation is not prohibited by Islam, as opium cultivation is.

Each restaurant’s chef de cuisine will determine when saffron specials are offered at that location. Saffron is available for purchase during restaurant hours.

June 1st, 2009. Waitsfield, Vermont

Blue Horseshoe, Inc dba American Flatbread will develop a new restaurant, American Flatbread Clarendon Hearth in the Zoso building located at 1025 N. Filmore St., Arlington VA 22201. The restaurant is anticipated to open in the fall of 2009.  Blue Horseshoe, Inc. currently operates American Flatbread Ashburn Hearth at 43170 Wynridge Dr, Ashburn VA, which offers a preview of what visitors can expect from the new Clarendon hearth location:  wood fired flatbread pizza featuring organic ingredients sourced from local and regional farms.  In anticipation of the new Clarendon location, American Flatbread founder George Schenk said, “We are excited to be working with Blue Horseshoe Inc. to help develop a thoughtful family friendly bakery/restaurant in Clarendon that is supportive of the community and sustainable agriculture.”

April 21st, 2009, Waitsfield Vermont

American Flatbread Company has commenced arbitration with the American Arbitration Association and filed suit in Federal Court against Clark Staub and Food Remembers, Inc. d/b/a Full of Life Foods of Los Alamos, California. American Flatbread seeks damages and injunctive relief for violations by Staub and Full of Life Foods of a termination agreement in which they agreed to cease representing, using or selling American Flatbread brands and products. The legal actions also seek damages and injunctive relief from trademark, trade dress and copyright infringement. Staub and Full of Life Foods have no current relationship or affiliation with American Flatbread’s wholesale products, restaurant or franchise operations.