American Flatbread Fall Retreat 2004, part I, November 12 & 13, 2004

American Flatbread + Flatbread Kitchen
Friday and Saturday November 12 & 13, 2004

Tonight’s Menu and Baking are dedicated to

American Flatbread Fall Retreat 2004
Part I (?)

Next week a handful of people that have been working for many years on this project we call American Flatbread will go off for a two-night, three-day retreat. For 72 hours we will talk and think and eat and drink and possibly cry or yell or yawn or laugh – about American Flatbread.

These planning retreats have become an annual event, and sometimes bi-annual. This year I am particularly excited about the retreat because I feel we are on the cusp of hatching some really exciting plans.

It is hard to grow this company. So many of us feel very emotionally attached to American Flatbread. We feel strongly about not making wrong decisions – not selling out, not reducing quality, not losing control of the process, not losing control of the Brand, not growing beyond what feels sustainable. Sometimes George calls this line of thinking “awfulizing” – imagining the worst case scenario…and he rarely participates in this line of thinking.

George so often proposes the other side of these arguments – what I will call the “imaginizing”. He (along with all of us at different points, but he nearly always) imagines the best case scenario. The rosy parts of what could be. The dreams of feeding more people well; of improvements; of more beauty and more fun; of spring water fountains and cabin dining rooms and cozy soft seating in front of fires and more kids playing safely and good food in hospitals and organic food in schools and affordable housing and mixed use daycare/elder care and….maximizing our opportunities.

Very likely next week’s dedication will relay the results of this balanced recipe of magic and practicality baked for three days at room temperature. Stay tuned……

Thanks for coming tonight. We love to bake for you. Love, Jen

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