George Schenk

George Schenk: Founder of American Flatbread CompanyGeorge Schenk founded American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT on personal philosophies of food and community. “Food intimately affects the quality and character of our lives,” he says. “Too often food is seen principally as a vehicle for profit, rather than in its historic sense as a giver of nutrition.”

George Schenk is the founder and owner of American Flatbread Company Inc. He created the American Flatbread concept in 1985 while working in the kitchen at Tucker Hill Restaurant, where a personal passion for cooking with wood led him to build an outdoor oven. Tuesday nights became Flatbread Nights, and the bread was baked under the stars.

With help, he expanded the concept in 1988 to include a wholesale component as well as a retail outlet, which provided the basis for the current model. George continues to develop his vision for the food at American Flatbread and is very involved in daily operations while becoming increasingly influential in his community and that of the culinary world.

George has dedicated his life’s work to re-imagining a sustainable food model in America and how to “share the food,” as he would say. He has devoted much of his work toward supporting and encouraging healthy and positive relationships between children and the food they eat. George established the Medicine Wheel Project and Organic Food For Public Schools. Over the years, George has written extensively about his personal beliefs and those of American Flatbread. Click here to read more of George’s work.

Additionally, he has been an active participant in the political changes for local and organic foods in the state of Vermont and the U.S.

George is on the board of the Vermont Food Bank and an active member of Vermont Business for Social Responsibiliy.

George received his formal education at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania where he graduated with a degree in Biology. His background as a scientist developed a keen ability to observe and understand relationships. He applies this to his studies of our modern food system. In addition to being a baker, George is also writer, naturalist, and philosopher. George lives in Warren, VT with his wife and two children.