Wild Baby Leeks, aka "Ramps": April 24 & 25, 2009

wild leek

wild leek



Tonight’s Menu and Baking are Dedicated to

Wild Baby Leeks; ‘Ramps”




           The ramp or wild leek is a wild onion native to North America. The bulb resembles that of a scallion, the beautiful flat, broad leaves set it apart.

            The word ramp comes from ‘rams’ or ‘ransom’, an Elizabethan dialect rendering of the wild garlic. The word is first mentioned in English print in 1530, but was used earlier by English immigrants in the southern Appalachian Mountains. 



Ramps grow from South Carolina to Canada, and in many areas they’re considered a spring delicacy and even a reason for celebration. West Virginia is well known for their many festivals and events in celebration of the ramp.

The flavor and odor is usually compared to a combination of onions and garlic, and the garlic odor is particularly strong. Strong enough in fact that even ramp lovers will advise caution.

            Caution aside, ramps add a wonderful and unique flavor to almost any food if cooked gently. If you forage for ramps and end up with a large harvest they make great pickles.

            The ramps we are serving this weekend were foraged in the Green Mountains of Starksboro and Granville by two of our employees.

            I hope you enjoy this spring treat; the first produce of the season.









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