Vermont Fresh Network, March 5 & 6, 2004

Friday and Saturday March 5 & 6, 2004
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to:

Vermont Fresh Network

Being that I am fresh from a two-day retreat where 12 food professionals and enthusiasts outlined the 2004-2005 initiatives for the Vermont Fresh Network, I am inspired to use this space to share that work with you!

Nine years ago a joint effort of the Vermont Department of Agriculture and NECI, as well as a sprinkling of enthusiastic chefs and farmers, formed the Vermont Fresh Network to organize and expedite connections between Vermont farmers and their local chefs, as well as to raise public awareness about local food. Why, you might ask? The reasons are many:

·Chefs that purchase products of Vermont farms are supporting Vermont’s agricultural heritage, keeping our beautiful green spaces open, investing in Vermont’s farm economy, as well as providing more nutritious, delicious and
responsible food to the public.

·Farmers that provide locally grown foods give us the gift of fresher (and therefore more flavorful AND more nutritious) foods, preserve Vermont’s agricultural heritage, keep our vistas beautiful and the working landscape REAL. In addition, with the mad cow scares, irradiation and other “food system” safety concerns, they provide us with a large measure of security.

Thank you farmers!
Thank you Vermont Fresh Network for caring!
Thank you guests for supporting these priorities by dining here!
Love, Jen

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