Twentieth Anniversary

Yesterday we had our third planning meeting for American Flatbread’s
twentieth anniversary party on Saturday, June 4, 2005.
Wow!!! It’s hard to believe that what started as a small oven in George’s backyard has grown into the company it is today. Yet, here we are.
During yesterday’s meeting we discussed how to execute our plan to have displays showing the various historical aspects of Flatbread; the benefit bakes we’ve held, current and alumni employees, the physical property, past dedications and special events. As we sat talking, I began thinking about the changes I’ve seen here during my seven years of employment. The biggest ones that came to mind: the additions to the buildings allowing us to better serve our customers and make the work for employees more efficient and easier on their bodies; the flood of 98’ which came through and ravaged the building and land only to have over a hundred volunteers show their love and support of us by helping us dig out and get back on our muddied feet; and the loss of our dear friend and colleague Declan and all the pain and grief
surrounding that horrible event.
On my walk home after the meeting I began thinking about the things at flatbread that haven’t changed during my time here and which I value very deeply. Firstly, the sense of community and family which exist here among the employees and the fun we so often have during our work together. Our desire to provide the best and most nutritious food we can to our guests. One of my greatest joys is seeing our regular customers week after week in the restaurant; folks who may have been dating when they first began coming here who are now married and have little ones in tow. It’s wonderful to have been here long enough to watch and see our customers’ lives and/or families grow and change. The faith and trust that people continue to have in us to feed them well and to make them feel part of our family is a deep honor that I am grateful for. So, once again, thank you for coming and continuing to support us – without you we wouldn’t have made it to our first year let alone our twentieth.

Thanks for coming tonight, Lisa

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