Toward a New Legal Framework for Vermont Food, part III, February 27 & 28, 2009





Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated

toward a new and legal framework for Vermont food. From Pig to Pork, Part III


I did not care for the pigs alone.  Denny DeCofe and Noah Trask often refreshed their water and fed them during my summer vacation. Lisabeth Magoun, our innkeeper, came out almost daily with bits of food from her kitchen.


Summer is the season that seems to pass the fastest of all in Vermont; faster than I was ready. But all of nature had prepared for summer’s passing. The pigs had grown up – big and fat and more inclined to lay about than they had been three months before when the were rambunctious and playful. I had an abundance of squash and pumpkins from the garden which I chopped with and ax and gave to the pigs. But they did not eat them well. Had I baked or boiled them it might have gone better, but somehow cooking for pigs didn’t seem quite right. I harvested potatoes too, and thought the pigs might like them, but I hoarded these tubers for myself. You can hardly have too many potatoes going into a long winter.


In October I finally got around to calling Ralph Persons, who with his wife Cynthia, make a living going from farm to farm slaughtering cows, pigs, chickens, and lambs.


To be continued…


Thanks for coming tonight.

Love, George

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