Toward a New Legal Framework for Vermont Food: Part II, February 20 & 21, 2009

American Flatbread ~ Flatbread Kitchen


Friday and Saturday February 20+21, 2009

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


From Pig to Pork

Toward a New Legal Framework for Vermont Food

Part II


Soon the pigs were out of doors in the high grass of late spring. They ran about in the sun and rain with the same disregard for effort that young children have.  Spring turned to summer and, like Iowa corn, you could practically see them grow in front of you. They ate grain and grasses, roots and flatbread scraps.  I sometimes brought them whey from Larry Faillace’s cheese making, which they loved and is good for them; and fresh water two or three times a day. They rooted the ground and made a wallow for themselves where they took comfort on summer afternoons. They scratched their backs along the wooden fence and rested in the shade of the remaining knotweed.

            On summer weekend evenings, they became something of a minor tourist attraction, especially for the children who would insist on showing their wary parents what they had discovered on the farm.

            “What are their names?” I was so often asked. I smiled and said, “I don’t name animals I intend to eat. I just call them Pig and Pigger.” Often the children would offer names, but I always let these pass. Adults too seemed to want to name them. A member of the Flatbread staff suggested “George and George”. I was grateful those didn’t stick.


                                                                                    To be continued…


                        Thanks for coming.




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