The Making of Cinderella Cuisine….Part II, March 19 & 20, 2004

Middlebury Flatbread Kitchen- Friday and Saturday March 19 & 20, 2004
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to:

Public School Food
The Making of Cinderella Cuisine….Part II

Welcome to the Local and Organic Food for Public Schools Benefit Bake.
Thank you for coming tonight. This is a really special evening for us as this is the first ever benefit bake of this kind held at American Flatbread at/the Marble Works. We are hoping this will become an annual event to benefit the food programs of the Addison Central Supervisory Union schools in our community. For every flatbread sold this weekend at the restaurant, $8 will go to the food programs of the ACSU schools. The purpose: to offset the cost differential between buying local and organic foods for these school programs vs. surplus or conventionally raised foods.

Over the course of several weeks I have been working on this project with some amazing people in our community. This past Tuesday I had a really uplifting meeting with Steve Hall and Sean Titley from the Café’ Services organization, on how to use the funds we will raise this weekend. Café Services is a New Hampshire company that runs the food service programs at the Middlebury High School, Middle School and Mary Hogan. They feed about 750 kids every day!

Also at the meeting was Peter Ryersbach, who has been active at the High School for many years as a teacher and is also working on a food committee there to raise the consciousness of healthful eating. Matt Oettinger, of the TGIF café at the High School, was there and was really enthusiastic about incorporating organic and local food into his program, which guides some of the students in cooking the meals there. Mary Gill, the school nurse, was very enthusiastic about getting involved and finding a way to include more organics and locally raised foods into school food programs. Then there was Mark Perrin, a local fixture about town, very active in the Mary Hogan school as well as the Chamber of Commerce and owns Green Peppers restaurant. He was the one who knew all the other folks and spurred them all to get together. As a result, all these people: teachers, school nurse, food service managers, cooks and restaurateurs got together to make positive change in the community. We all left with the same vision in mind and the same enthusiasm to work harder to make those changes.

These folks were all on committees working toward getting more local, healthful and organic food in the schools before I came along. I also learned over the course of pulling this event together just how many parents are on similar committees and have similar meetings. There is a real movement for local, healthful and organic food in our schools…American Flatbread is just one oar in the water perpetuating it… not starting it at all.

Last week I asked in this document what kind of lessons we convey to our children if we do not act on our cares about the food they eat. This week I experienced the answer: there are many, many actions being taken by responsible, caring, wonderful adults. Lucky kids! Lucky all of us!

Thank you for coming tonight.

Love, Jen

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