The Heart of Warren, June 30 & July 1, 1995

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen

Friday and Saturday June 30, July 1, 1995

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


The Heart of Warren


I am the heart of Warren ready again for your parade.


            I am larders being filled and banners and flags unfurled. I hear the pounding of fence posts and the gathering of friends and family and neighbors. “Helloo. Good morning. Happy Fourth.”


            I listen for the marching bands and beating drums, and for the lone pipers who march to a private beat. I fell the footfalls and wagon wheels of floats and favored groups. Look! Here come the Scouts and Little League! The Lions! The politicians! South Hill! Prickly! There are horses and ponies and chickens and goats, big trucks and wheelbarrows and the Chamber of Commerce. There are signs and sign makers and kids selling lemonade. There is pizza and popcorn and hot dogs and best of all…balloons! Big, bright, wonderful balloons (was there ever a parade without balloons?) There is color, gobs of red and white and blue.  I love the color. And there is music, music to hum and to tap your foot to. And to dance to, O, how you dance with such wild abandon!


            And there are voices…voices of joy… and voices of despair. I am the heart of Warren. Loved and longed for. Look at me now! What do you see? Like some child in Solomon’s court, I am pulled and tugged at by hands in opposition. My true mother would rather let me go than see me torn asunder. Happy Hearts, Happy Fourth.



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