The Burlington Oven, February 6 & 7, 2004

Friday and Saturday February 6 & 7, 2004
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to:

The Burlington Oven

There is an American Flatbread oven being built for a restaurant on St. Paul Street in Burlington this week. Much of it is done by the work of hands:

* 12,000 lbs of local rock were built into a base for the oven. Each rock was placed by hand.
* 25,000 lbs of sand were dug by the shovel-full off of a truck and into buckets and then poured by hand from the buckets into the sandbox base of the oven.
* 10,000 lbs of soapstone were laid onto the sandbox to form the baking shelves.
* 100 Alder saplings were harvested from a local swamp: cut with a hand-saw and dragged out by hand, loaded onto a truck by hand, unloaded by hand, loaded onto another truck by hand, and unloaded at St. Paul street by hand.
* 7,000 lbs of blue clay from the woods of Lareau Farm were loaded into a truck, and then unloaded, by hand in Burlington for the new restaurant on St. Paul Street. The buckets were picked up by hands and moved twice more inside the space.

The clay will be mixed together by hand with hay and ash and made into bricks and formed into the dome of the oven, just as it was done 13 years ago for this oven. You’re welcome to come help if you want. This dome raising will take place on Saturday Feb 7th between 10 am and 2 pm. Be ready to get muddy!

The hands that are building the Burlington oven have built other Flatbread ovens. The hands belong to people who are singing the joy and good intentions of this place into that oven, with wishes for more good bread to be born.

Thanks so much for coming tonight. We love to bake for you.


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