Tansparent Food no. 4, December 30, 2004

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to

Transparent Food No. 4

Last night I wrote: “food is important because it is absolutely essential to our lives, and has a great influence on the well-being of the world. And so, where our food has come from and how it was grown and processed is appropriate public information and necessary for us to make informed and thoughtful choices.

Food is fundamentally foreign and from the outside. In one of the most intimate acts of our lives we invite these foreign substances into our bodies to literally become a part of our bodies. It is a legacy of thousands of generations of trial and error that allows us to do this largely without fear of trepidation, and, indeed, through this cultural information that has been passed down through the generations, our knowledge of flavorful nutritious foods has transformed fear into joy, worry into gleeful expectation. We have come, rightly, to trust the food that has nourished and nurtured those who have come before us. It is trust that allows us to see and experience our food with comfort and joy. Our food must be beyond suspicion, and wholly trustworthy. And if we are to hope for an American society that remains a constructive force in the world, that is a beacon of freedom and opportunity and hope, then we are compelled to husband our soil by conserving its structure, fertility, and biology and take more seriously the work of growing our food sustainably so that future generations of Americans will be able to grow strong, and brave, and generous, and kind.

Thank you for coming tonight. Happy New Year, Everyone.
Love, George

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