September 27 & 28, 2002: Sharing Experiences

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen


Friday and Saturday September 27 and 28, 2002

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


Sharing Experiences


What a cozy it was today.


A good day for appreciating the shelter and heat sources we have.


I spend the afternoon painting banners with Jan and Rosemary Morris at Jan’s house. The Banners are for the upcoming City Sprouts Harvest Festival that American Flatbread will be building an oven for next weekend in Cambridge, MA. It is going to take place at the Haggerty School, one of three Cambridge public school garden programs, as well as education for healthy eating. It is great timing because George just did a NOFA sponsored stone soup dinner, which also promoted healthy eating and organic food, at the Waitsfield School last night.


So, the three of us spent the afternoon creating and painting and telling our stories and listening to one another. I, at 33 years old, Jan at 48 years old, and Rosemary, Robin Morris’ mother who is visiting from England, at over 60 years old.


It was wonderful to hear Rosemary’s and Jan’s experiences of raising children and of educating themselves- formally and informally; learning continuously about the world and themselves. We spoke of the Saxons and the holocaust and the Middle East and Poland. And we spoke about drawing and painting and art.


It was a wonderful afternoon.


Three women in different stages of their lives; creating art and working and sharing. I experienced harmony on this cozy rainy day.


Thanks for coming tonight.





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