I Am America July 4, 1993

I Am America
I am filled with mountains and lakes and rivers and brooks
and forests and grasslands and deserts and wildlife
I am beautiful
And I am home and hearth to people who nurture their
children and honor their parents, who work hard and are
generous and thoughtful and caring and whose hearts
Love Greatly.
From my crucible democracy, freedom and liberty have
taken form and given great hope to the world. Here is my
flag. All bright and proud and glad.
I America I am filled with water air and soil. Despoiled
by ignorance and greed and I am a great fountain
of racism and bigotry and anti-Semitism and sexism and
militarism and violence and hate and intolerance and misunderstanding
and Fear.
And I am home to 10 million children who go to bed hungry
and millions more who do not receive basic medical care
and yet more millions who are imprisoned in schools that
are understaffed, under supported by parents, and under
imagined. And I am home to an uncounted tribe of elderly
an native and ghetto people, ignored and untouched and
lied to.
Here is my flag, all upside down and confused and sad.

Love, George
July 4, 1993

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