Waitsfield Beverages

Beverages for the family

Rookie’s Root Beer: a pint of burlington’s superb draught root beer
Natural Brew (made with real ginger!)
Natural Brew Vanilla Creme
Spindrift Blackberry
Spindrift Orange Mango
China Cola: a natural, caffeine-free alternative for cola-lovers
sparkling water (sugar & salt free)
Newman’s Own lemonade
VT apple cider
VT whole milk
Iced Tea: home-brewed and unsweetened (w/refills)
Awake coffee: regular or decaf (small-batch roasted by Troy)
VT artisan teas, choose from an assortment brought to the table


Draught beers: We feature Vt-made and other microbrews.  This is one of the only places you can find Lawson’s finest!

Bottled Beers: Rolling Rock, Sam Adams Lite, Guinness Stout, Kaliber (non-alcoholic)