Middlebury Partners

Stone Leaf Tea House

Stone Leaf Tea House is a wonderful tea shop right next to us in the Marble Works. They import the best tasting, sustainably grown teas from around the world.  Teas that reflect their ideals; grown with skill and heart to cultivate a healthy ecosystem and global community.

Each year they visit the tea gardens that produce the finest teas in the world.  They connect us to the families that have grown and processed tea for generations.  Every cup has a story, connected with ancient history and current events.  We are thrilled to be able to offer a selection of their teas at American Flatbread.

Elmer Farm

East Middlebury, VT
Assorted Organic Vegetables

Like so many of the old farmsteads in Addison County, the Elmer Farm has a long heritage of providing food for it’s community. This farm belonged to the Elmer family since the early 1800′s. The receding glaciers bestowed the farm with a wonderful mix of fertile soils including almost 30 acres of sandy loam, excellent for growing vegetables.

Jennifer and Spencer Blackwell, along with their children grow 25 acres of grains, dry beans and mixed vegetables. Annually, the farm is inspected and certified by Vermont Organic Farmers. This reassures our members that the crops are grown responsibly and safely without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides

Golden Russet Farm

Shoreham, VT
Organic Vegetables & Herbs

Golden Russet Farm is a family-run organic farm in Shoreham, Vermont, near Lake Champlain.  They grow a wide variety of summer and fall vegetables. In the spring, they offer bedding plants for your flower and vegetable gardens, providing you with fresh organic vegetables and herbs all summer. Visit us at our farm in Shoreham, Vermont, off Route 22A, 1.3 miles west of the Halfway House Restaurant.

Lewis Creek Farm

Starksboro, VT
A Variety of Fruit and Vegetables

Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro, Vermont has been owned and operated by Hank Bissell since 1981.  The 150 acre farm sits in a valley at the foot of the Green Mountains, about 20 miles from both Burlington and Middlebury.  The farm has been a leader in sustainable agriculture, having been developing and practicing methods of sustainable farming since 1981.

Singing Cedars Farm

Orwell, VT
Organic Meat & Veggies

Singing Cedars Farmstead in Orwell, Vermont brings us organic, high quality food, from ultra busy market gardeners and critter tenders.



Twig Farm

West Cornwall, VT.
Goat Cheese

Twig Farm is owned by Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman. Michael makes the cheese by hand using traditional techniques and equipment for farmstead cheese production.  Their cheeses age in a temperature and humidity controlled enviornment in their cellar. Michael learned his craft mostly by doing. Prior to making Twig Farm cheese, Michael worked as an apprentice at Peaked Mountain Farm in Townsend, Vermont, and before that was a cheese manager at South End Formaggio in Boston, Massachusetts. Emily manages the business and marketing for Twig Farm and works as an analyst for a publishing company.


Leicester, VT
Assorted Cheeses

At Blue Ledge Farm, Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions have been crafting delicious goat milk cheese since 2002. They use either pasteurized or raw milk from their mixed herd of sixty-five Nubian, Alpine, and Lamancha goats depending on whether the cheese is fresh, mold-ripened, or given a waxed rind.

Because the couple milk twice a day from February through November, they are able to use the freshest milk available while also allowing their hard-working ladies a seasonal break from milk production. During the warmer months in Vermont, their herd grazes on 20 acres of forested land in the morning where burdock, bark and other herbaceous delights are in abundance. By late afternoon, with their bellies full of their favorite foraged foods, the goats move out to 65 acres of pasture to round out their daily diet.

Greg describes the art of cheese-making as the balance between creativity and an intimate understanding of how cheese cultures respond to time, temperature, and humidity during the aging process. Three aging caves at the farm differ in terms of their temperature and humidity levels, affording Blue Ledge the controlled environments necessary to create a diverse line of cheeses: ranging from fresh chevre to mold ripened Crottina to raw milk goat gouda as well as a Camebrie made with cows’ milk sourced from nearby Crawford Family Farm.

With Wine Spectator Magazine proclaiming their “Lake’s Edge” cheese to be one of “The 100 Greatest Cheeses in the World” in 2008, Blue Ledge Farm has not only brought Addison County cheese-making into the national and global limelight but has also reaffirmed its well-deserved place in the hearts and on the palate of the local community.

Duclos & Thompson Farm

Weybridge, VT.  Sausage products

Champlain Valley Creamery

Vergennes, VT. Handcrafted organic cheeses.

Vermont Butter & Cheese

Websterville, VT, and from farms across VT.  Artisan cheeses.