Middlebury Events

Our spacious home at the Marble Works is perfect for your event, whether it’s a holiday gathering, baby shower or a wedding. For more information contact Danielle at: danielle@americanflatbread.com



   Benefit Bakes

Being a good neighbor is part of American Flatbread’s mission.  We wouldn’t be here without the strength and support of our community.  One of the ways that we try to give back is through our Benefit Bakes. These evenings are devoted not only to raising funds, but raising consciousness about community issues and programs we feel deserve attention as well. On the evening of each benefit bake we contribute $3 from the sale of each large flatbread.  In collaboration with the various groups, we are also happy to devise a plan to raise more funds and awareness, whether it be through an information table, an Arts Auction, or an event featuring music from a featured musician.  If you are interested in having your benefit bake at Middlebury Hearth, contact Danielle at danielle@americanflatbread.com.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Middlebury Arts Walk

On the second Friday of every month from May-October the town celebrates the arts in over 30 venues in this Arts Walk.  Please help us support the wonderful culture that Middlebury has to offer!