Why Franchise?

We believe the ideas and values of American Flatbread allow for the building of a shared vision and an opportunity to be a platform that stimulates local/organic foods and diverse healthy communities. Franchising is a method to “share the food” with each other and for each other – it is a way to strengthen and build our community and feed our neighbor.

“Because in the end it seems that kids and families need and deserve meaningful food; great food should not be just the province of the hip and the green and the lucky, but something that is available to as many of those who ask as we, and other producers of good food, can sustainably provide.

One of my hopes for future sister bakeries, is that the food and ideas of Americanmiddart305-049 Flatbread help stimulate deeper conversations within the greater community about the relationship between good food, good health and healthy environments, and that through its purchasing, new bakeries are able to showcase the excellent food from local farms that is still available – directly benefiting these small farms – and maybe act as a catalyst for a larger community conversation about the role and value of small farms in our communities. We will not stop bulldozing farm land until we value the good food that comes from it and see the importance of small local and regional agriculture to our environment, our health, and our sense of community.

The values of socially responsible business practices that are at the core of American Flatbread are not unique to Vermont, but they are well rooted here, and that commonness and success gives us all courage.”—George Schenk