One Big Table, June 11 & 12, 2004

Friday and Saturday June 11 & 12, 2004
Tonight’s Menu and Baking are Dedicated to

One Big Table

Yesterday, at the upper end of Church St. in Burlington, the Vermont Foodbank celebrated America’s Second Harvest “One Big Table” event, the purpose of which was to raise awareness of hunger in our communities.

Deborah Flateman, who is the Executive Director of the Vermont Foodbank took the microphone first and acted as the event MC. I spoke last. In between was an amazing group of people from government, the non-profits, clients of food shelves- one of whom was an eleven year old girl living in poverty, the other a middle aged mother who said that she was the first person in her family to use emergency food shelves. I guess I represented the business community. The governor spoke, as did the mayor, and a representative from each of Vermont’s Congressmen spoke.

I believe that we can provide food security for all of our citizens in this decade. I believe this because of what I saw and heard yesterday. Food insecurity has been a condition of the human experience for as long as we know. And because of that, I suppose, there has been a resigned sense that we can and should try to feed the hungry but it is not possible to truly do so. This long held wisdom is no longer true. We are learning how to feed each other. It is happening because of a coordinated response from government, the nonprofit sector, business and individuals. Some day, the table at which we all eat will be big enough. What an amazing day that will be.

Thanks for coming tonight.

Love, George

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One Response to “One Big Table, June 11 & 12, 2004”

  1. Annonymous Says:

    Perhaps if you bring your prices down EVERYONE poverty stricken or not will be able to eat at Flatbread. You should look at what Panera Bread is doing and move on from there. They have an honor system, pay what you can. If you really care about everyone regardless of social and economic status should be able to eat well then be part of the solution. Nothing is more soul crushing than to have these so called One Big Table awareness events. Believe me when you are poor and don’t know where you’re next meal is coming from you are aware. To have a group of finacially stable people patting themselves on the back at how much they care is obnoxious at best. Why can’t you make you restaurants affordable? How about pay what you can nights so that poor people can go out for a meal every once in awhile? Do they not deserve a good glass of wine and a decent meal in a nice atmosphere. I came from nothing and now I have, and I do give back to people in my community by giving gift certificates to restaurants, movies etc. I do this without fanfare, it is not necessary.