New Men, March 13 & 14, 2009

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen

Friday and Saturday March 13+14, 2009

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


New Men


I heard of it first by rumor,

Then a call of confirmation:

“Our young men are dying,” she said.

“Dying in a distant reckless war, dying on our streets close to home.”

Dying from hate and misunderstanding by bullets and bombs,

Dying from too much drink and chemicals that black out helpful thinking,

And that is made tragic by driving.


“Come,” she said, “Come and sit with boys becoming new men.

Share the wisdom of your years, show them they are valued and cared for.

I want my world to include them all.

I want them to live through this dangerous period.

I love them”


And so old men sat with new men in her sacred circle

And shared our stories, our fears and our hopes.

We spoke like naked souls with nothing to lose

Because…because if you ever lose your kid,

Your best friend, your classmate, to an overdose,

Or some preventable wasted accident…

You will have lost what is best in this world.


Whalen Gaffney was 23 years old when he died last week.

The pain will last a mother’s lifetime.

Thanks for coming tonight.





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