Narrow Food, December 5, 1997

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Friday December 5, 1997
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to:


They’re irradiating the national beef supply now. What kind of food is this? What kind of health can we expect from food exposed to nuclear waste? It’s not that they want to do it, really. It costs more.

They have to.

They have to because we have taken food processing out of our homes, out of our communities, out of our control. It’s all centralized now. Millions of pounds a week. It’s cheaper that way, you know.

Hardly anymore does a farmer raise a score of cows for himself and family and neighbors. Raise them with pride and grace to feed people he loves and knows.

Nowadays, cattle stand clustered in feedlots by the thousands. Like widgets in mass production food is managed for its value in commerce with too little regard for its function in human health and well-being.

We’ve turned our food upside down and made it narrow.

Now, its primary role is to fill our endless hunger and in some vague way satisfy our desensitized taste buds. When we make our food less it gives us less. Food can be more. It needs to be more.

With all of my strength and courage, with my last breath, I dedicate this oven, this place, this work to creating food that is respectful of the land from which it is born, to the farmer who mothers and husbands its growth, to the cook who makes it good and joyful to eat, and to those who welcome it into their mouths. That it be food that fills people’s hunger, that tastes good to their mouths and to the depths of their being, that nourishes them, and nurtures them, and heals them of their afflictions.

Love, George

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