May 20, 1994: The Five Faces of Food, Part IV, the Face of Nurturing

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Friday May 20th, 1994

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


The Five Faces of Food

Part IV, the Face of Nurturing


Toward the end of the days of waiting, the old woman, my companion in the forest, and I entered a period of silence. We had been told the fourth face of food would come quietly and speak softly—–   It was a timeless evening without stir of wind or light of star, no song of bird or call of fox, no footsteps of any kind, our fire lay dying in silent embers. From stone seats our souls took flight into silent dream…

Out of the silent blackness, she appeared dressed in white cloth that swept to her side as she walked with strength and grace. Cradled in her left arm was a sleeping infant…

“I am the face of nurturing”, she said. “I am the fourth face of food. I am of this world and another. My form is by fusion of fiber and faith.”

“I am the food that is grown with care and respect. I am the food that is carried without burden. I am the food that is prepared and cooked by hands and hearts that help and that love. I am the food that has heard the song of kindness. I am the food that is eaten with joy and laughter and goodwill and forgiveness and remembrance, and with thanksgiving.”

The mother who cradles the child by her breast does not only fill the child’s hunger, and strengthen the child’s bones, but also nurtures the child’s spirit.

Why is this? It is because of intention. The milk is given with love. This is what makes all the difference.

In the same way, each of you who touch food for another with the intention of love acts in the ways of nurturing. That makes all the difference.





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