Keeping Track, December 3 & 4, 2004

American Flatbread Kitchen and Bakery
December 3 and 4, 2004

Tonight’s Menu and Baking are Dedicated to

Keeping Track

American Flatbread is very pleased to host a benefit bake for Keeping Track this Friday evening. Keeping Track is a local organization that works to inspire community participation on the long-term stewardship of wildlife habitat. They work to teach adults and children to observe record and monitor evidence of wildlife habitat in their communities. Their valuable work helps to keep a watch on the ecological health of our local landscape.

Those of us who live in the Mad River Valley, and Vermont in general, may sometimes take the amazing and diverse wildlife around us for granted and assume that it will always be as vibrant as it is now. As a native Floridian who has lived in Vermont for nearly eighteen years, I too fall into the trap of forgetting, but nonetheless am grateful that there are organizations like Keeping Track who do the work they do and who remind us that our daily choices as human beings have an impact on the ecosystems around us. Growing up in suburbia, I rarely saw much in the way of wildlife except for the rare opossum or armadillo scurrying along the side of the road (strange looking little creatures they are). Driving at night here in Vermont, it is rare to not see some kind of wildlife, be it a deer or a fox running across the road or hiding in the bushes with its eyes sparkling in the headlights. Just a couple of weeks ago, me and other employees of the bakery were graced with a herd of seven or so deer out in the meadow in the early light of dawn. When I encounter this glimpse of wildlife around me I consider it a special gift to my day. Thank you Keeping Track for helping keep my days special by doing the good work you do to teach us all to be good stewards of the land around us and to share it wisely and willingly with our critter friends. Thanks for coming tonight,


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