Haiti – Nous n'ignorons pas


I take my bread and wine at ease

while Haiti stands and starves.

I take my warmth and comfort at home

snug and safe under clean sheets

and layers of perfect quilts.

Haiti’s shelter is but stars

it’s  bed but broken streets.

I drink crystalline pure water, cold and delicious

Haiti’s water pools in downhill gutters

befouled beyond the palates’ of vermin.

I sit whole and without worry

and dream a life of lilacs,

beautiful and sweetly scented.

This by some grace of providence.

Haiti lies bleeding and lost

in a poverty to take your breath away.

I’ve heard it asked, “what must be God’s intention?”

Maybe it is for us…

not to look away.

Love, George

American Flatbread restaurants will host a series of benefit bakes for Haiti. Thanks to them, and to you we will not look away.

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One Response to “Haiti – Nous n'ignorons pas”

  1. Barbara Jordan Says:

    I was just doing a search for Flatbread in Portsmouth, NH as I’m going there for a wedding in Oct. and I came across this. thank you George. It is very thoughtful and true. I was there in July. I still can’t look away. I hope you are well. Love , Barbara