Flatbread Frenzy, April 24, 2009



American Flatbread


April 24th and 25th, 2009

Tonight’s Menu and Baking Are Dedicated to


Love + Peace + Harmony + Technology (???) = Flatbread Frenzy

Open the windows, brush off the dust, and put that top down, Spring is here! Every week when I “sparkle” myself up for my weekend shifts, I think how lucky I am to be a part of my very special Flatbread Family.  Thank you for making me feel so special!  So why am I shaking in my boots…………the BIG NEWS!


Spring is a time of change…..We move the earth, move the body, move out the old and start anew.  Technology may be daunting for some, but after 20 plus years doing it the ‘usual’ way, we are gearing up for ‘rolling’ out a point of sale computer system on May 7th.  No more handwriting checks and delivering orders on foot.  Now with the brush of some key stokes and hitting the send button, your flatbread will be delivered with the same great service (still with a smile, of course!) after racing through the computer highway (Oh no, did I put paper in the printer?!) in a much more efficient manner.  We are excited about our new system and hope you will be patient with us as we undergo the training process.  As you see us pulling our hair out, typing with one finger, running back and forth…please don’t hesitate to ask us how we are doing, pat us on the back, Ah, buy us a drink, (Oops, I didn’t say that) and most importantly, sit back and continue to enjoy your ‘magical’ Flatbread experience. This is a group undertaking and we appreciate your support and words of encouragement.  I know my Flatbread Family will rally together to make this transition a smooth one.  This has been one frenzied and FUN journey and I can’t think of a better ‘ship of fools’ to be sailing with!  Flatbread family, fans, and friends……continue to thrive, survive and of course, keep the dream alive!




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