Family, Ashburn VA

December 21st, 2007  (Holiday Week)

Tonights menu and baking is dedicated to family.  I am deeply humbled to write this first dedication, as for anyone that knows me I have a lot to say, but where to start?

When you are growing up you may not be aware of the things in your own community that shape you and contribute to your future choices.  I love to come to work and see smiles and warm gestures that the staff have towards each other and I am reminded of my first job washing dishes at 14 years old on Mr. Nicks, Outpost Farm in Holliston, Ma.

Farmers that dedicate their lives to feeding and thoughtfully caring about growing good food are important to every community.  I hope that when the baking team thinks about the care they put into the handling of the food they remember where it comes from.  Supporting our neighbors and buying local is important for the future of our communities.  It’s been six months since our opening in June and we have tried to continue on the steady path laid before us by the founder George Schenk.  Providing good nutritious food and a good work environment is important to us at the Ashburn Hearth.

I am overwhlemed by the trust and support that we receive from our regulars that have embraced us from day one.

Having our families support us is important to our success.  This could not be done without Scott, Faith, Meaghan and Erik here making that happen.

Special thanks to our partners, Denice and Tony Santangello who believed in our mission many years ago.

Thank you for coming tonight and for your continued support.

Love, Janice.

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