Earth Dinner – April 22nd 2009

Earth Dinner – Burlington

Thank you Farmers & Cheese Makers!

Each year, as the late winter snows begin to yield to longer days and a noticeably warmer sun, we start looking to the fields & forests once again for our Flatbreads.

It begins by sitting down and talking with the vegetable farmers while a solid blanket of snow still covers the fields.  We talk about how the past season went, what worked for each of us, and what they’re planning on growing in the coming year.  Then, a month or so later, the first of the spring greens and fresh herbs begin arriving.  Soon the wild leeks, and fiddle heads are up.  It’s the beginning of another growing season here in Vermont, and it’s an exciting time to be cooking!

We’re fortunate to live in a community that values local farmers & cheese makers so much, and at such a deep level.  From all the folks down at the Intervale, to all the cheese makers & farmers that come down each week for the Farmers’ Market, we have a thriving local food economy that is based on small, casual exchanges.  Yet these small interactions form the foundation for such an integral part of our lives: Food.  By knowing the folks who raise that steer, who grew those tomatoes, or made that cheese, we have direct and profound involvement in our own sustenance, as well as in the lives of our neighbors.

One of our greatest joys is having the farmers come through our kitchen door with all of their wonderful wares.  Often we visit for a few minutes, and talk about what’s on the horizon for the next few weeks, or months.  Then later, after their day in the field is over, these same folks come through our front door as customers.  We serve them the food that they’ve grown, that they’ve made with their own hands.

So tonight, we want to say thank you to all of our farmers & cheese makers.  We welcome you to come in, learn their stories, and enjoy their food.  They’re the ones who make our restaurant such a special place to be involved in…

Thank you,

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