Deep Food

Deep food is a philosophical, scientific, social and political event. It is a broad and largely spontaneous response to the enviromental and human health crisis brought on by the industrial food model.

Deep food is a paosophy whose central thesis holds that food is important, and that it can be, and indeed needs to be, deeply good:

Food whose production harmonizes with its biology;

Food whose intent is to fill our hunger, to delight our palates, to nourish, and nurture, and to help heal our afflictions;

It is post-industrial food that honors the work of the hands and remembers the song in the heart–from those who farm and distribute, to those who cook and clean;

It is food that is fairly traded and whose story from field to plate is honest, transparent and wholly told;

it is social, and calls for the universal food security so that all people, no matter their circumstances, are free of the depreciation and indignity of hunger;

It is political, and calls on governments to create new food policies that recognize and support the ecological nature of food, its fundamental relationship to human health, and the intrinsic value of family scaled farming;

It is non-violent and seeks only constructive change;

It is respectful and forgiving, kind and joyous;

It is the food grown in our own backyards, from the gardens and farms of our neighbors and from commited artisans whereever they may call home;

It is food that celebrates and looks to lift up the human experience, and all that lives in the world.

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  1. Kate Nicholson Says:

    Such wisdom,
    such kindness.

    This is beautiful !

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