Darling Camilla, March 12 & 13, 2004

Waitsfield Flatbread Kitchen- Friday and Saturday March 12 & 13, 2004
Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to:

Darling Camilla

All too often the concept of unsung heroes is actualized in our daily lives.

Mother’s day exists, and thank goodness, because if it didn’t we would hardly stop and thank our Moms for the efforts they make day in and day out to share their love and make our lives wonderful.

Same for Father’s day, of course, and Valentines Day for our lovers. There is no Sibling Day (oddly), but you’ve got National Nurses Day, and Secretaries Day (now called Administrative Professionals Day) and there’s Earth Day, appropriately. There’s Memorial Day and Labor Day and Armed Services day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great one and President’s day is nice….but there are quite a few more that just don’t resonate with me: National Mentoring Day; Groundhog Day, Friendship Day, to name a few.

But I like the concept…of making a special occasion out of someone helpful who has made an historic difference and proven over and over again how much they care. An special occasion to be mindful of their efforts and to recognize their profound affect that betters the whole. An occasion to celebrate someone who goes above and beyond so often you come to expect it. An occasion to thank the person who you know will have the answer when you aren’t sure about something. Someone who doesn’t shy away from a crisis: digs in when there is a flood; takes over for a team member who has a family emergency, and doesn’t drop the ball; calls the ambulance at the right time and administers CPR until it gets here.

In our case (and lucky us!), we have Darling Camilla. She is all of the above as well as a shoulder to cry on, a Gourmet (some call her The Palate), a disciplined task master and budget meeter, a fun date, a champagne lover, an aesthete and our Mother Duck who takes care of us as she leads us all down the path. All of us here at Flatbread, and all of you who come to visit, would experience less enjoyment if it weren’t for her. And American Flatbread would make a much smaller contribution to the world without her. Happy Camilla Day!

Thank you all for coming tonight.

Love, Jen

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