April 26 & 27, 2002: Jodi Leslie

American Flatbread – Flatbread Kitchen


Friday and Saturday April 26 and 27, 2002

Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to


Jodi Leslie and Child










I look out my window and see the maples in flower. Yesterday, I watched a chickadee patiently pulling strands of thread off of a length of rope I had thoughtlessly left hanging in a tree last fall. Robins run more than they fly, busy hunting for food that helps them build their nests, to sing, and to make perfect blue eggs- all out of worms. If there ever was a miracle in the world, it is that.

These markers of spring and signs of rebirth are nothing unusual, but this spring, as our hearts have been shadowed by the tragic death of Declan Lyons, they somehow seem more important. Now, more than before, the joy, wonder, and frailty of life seems so obvious, and its uncertainty so real. And so, to see spring is to know that hope remains.

For Jodi Leslie, Declan Lyon’s partner and mother of his unborn child, one love is gone but a new one is about to be born.

Tonight, American Flatbread bakes in benefit of Jodi and her baby to be. Thank you for coming and sharing in this with up. Our hope and prayer is for Jodi’s and her baby’s health and happiness, and for the joy of many springs to come.




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