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American Flatbread brings a uniquely positive experience to your special event.  More than just a caterer, our crew display is colorful, joyous, and educational, centered around our traveling hearth. Free art and make-your-own prayer flag stations can be set up at tables adjoining our oven space.

se_1American Flatbread has application at all manner of events, bridging cultures, economic groups and generations. Over the years American Flatbread has participated in a number of events and venues  from public parties such as Museum of Natural History celebration in Central Park, New York City; Phish concerts; Brew Fests, Political Rallies and Ben & Jerry’s One World One Heart festivals to swanky private wedding celebrations, anniversaries, reunions, birthday parties  and corporate retreats.  Gatherings up to 80,000 people can be accommodated!


Our new oven!

American Flatbread cuisine works for all ages of people. We tailor the menu for each event and can include flatbreads for vegans, vegetarians,gluten free or just about any diet.  American Flatbread provides high quality, clean, wholesome food baked to order in our wood-fired clay oven. Customers enjoy watching the fire and their flatbread as it is baked. All the food we provide is of the finest quality. Summertime is fabulous for creating flatbread varieties due to the abundance of fresh organic produce like basil, tomatoes, summer squash and chanterelle mushrooms.

Please contact us or submit an event form if you have any ideas of special events you would like to hire American Flatbread to participate in or if you know of any events we might enjoy. Thank you.

For additional event information you can reach Lisabeth at

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