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Fresh Flatbread: April 16 & 17, 2010

April 16th, 2010

American Flatbread – Flatbread kitchen April 16, 2010 Tonight’s menu and baking are dedicated to Fresh Flatbread A garden full of beautiful daisys, lillys, tulips, poppys, roses, vegetables Growing orange carrots shining like gold in the sun Then the sun goes down hiding behind the hills the moon awakes “We’re Open” says a sign on […]

Food Revolution, 1992

April 14th, 2010

There is a  REVOLUTION in the air. Not a revolution of generals and armies.  It is more Copernican than that.  It is a revolution of our THINKING. Thinking that knows good food comes from GOOD FARMING, and good farming depends on a healthy environment; thinking that knows it is not possible to produce truly nurturing […]

I Am America July 4, 1993

April 14th, 2010

I Am America I am filled with mountains and lakes and rivers and brooks and forests and grasslands and deserts and wildlife Wonder I am beautiful And I am home and hearth to people who nurture their children and honor their parents, who work hard and are generous and thoughtful and caring and whose hearts […]